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A Guide to Tires

There are many different ways that people buy tires for their cars. However, one of the worst ways to make this very important purchase is to buy on price alone. Low costs models and brands are not going to provide you with a long term, reliable tire and often require replacing much more frequently than top quality brands and models, resulting in an overall increase in your costs.

Instead, there are simple options to consider to make your tire purchase the right option for you, your driving habits and your vehicle. By working with a garage, shop or business that sells tires and also completes installation you can easily get everything done in a few hours, making it a very easy process for everyone involved.

Type of Tire Required
Tires are designed for different types of use and this should be one of your first considerations. Generally you should buy a tire for the worst driving that you have to do if you are buying an all-season radial. This ensures that when you get on those bad roads you will have the tread and tire under your vehicle to be safe.

If you live in areas where driving conditions are very different between seasons and you need a heavy tread in the winter, buying summer and winter tires may be the best option rather than an all-season option. If you do a lot of driving off major roadways, especially on ice and snow, this is well worth considering.

Driving Habits
Tires are rated for speed as well as for vehicles of different sizes. If you mostly drive on the highway you want a tire that is designed for highway driving and heat distribution and better handling at high speeds. These are often marketed as touring tires.

If you are driving mostly in town then you want a tire that is designed for smooth ride, low noise and good handling and cornering abilities. There are also specialized tires for light trucks, luxury cars, sports and performance vehicles, SUVs and minivans.

Talk to your tire professionals before choosing a specific type of tires for your car. Compare prices, features and warranties to determine which brand and model offers the best options for you and your driving needs. We offer a range of different tires to suit all your driving and vehicle needs.

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