Do You Need An Alignment?

Do You Need Auto Alignment Services?

Given how much tires costs, you’ll want to make sure you make the most out of every dollar you spend. If your tires are wearing down much too quickly, you might need to pay for alignment services in Madison WI to get those problems fixed.

What are alignment services?

Alignment services refer to adjustments in your front wheels to make sure you’re driving on an equal keel. Shops like the Genin’s AutoCare can provide you with the alignment assistance and repair you need to get your car back in shape.


Benefits of proper alignment


There are plenty of benefits to keeping your wheels properly aligned. Here are some:


  • Less wear and tear. When your wheels aren’t properly aligned, that’s going to put unequal pressure on your tires, says Autos, which makes them work harder. That’s going to wear them out much sooner than normal. Properly aligned tires, on the other hand, last longer and perform better.


  • Better safety. Alignment issues could lead to plenty of other problems. Those problems could put you and your loved ones, along with your fellow drivers on the road, at greater risk. With auto alignment services, you can enjoy better safety while you drive.


  • Greater comfort. If you feel like you’re going on a Safari when you’re just actually driving to the corner shop, bad alignment could be why you’ve got such a bumpy ride. If you want a smoother and more comfortable one, best to have your car’s alignment checked as soon as you can.


A few reminders


Auto alignment often last for only about an hour or so. However, if yours has other problems as well, the repairs might take longer. A bad alignment could be a symptom of bigger problems. That’s why it’s wise to get help early on.

With auto repair services, it’s easy to keep your tire alignment on track and to fix those problems as soon as possible.

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Characteristics to Look Out For in a Great Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair can be an expensive, confusing and tedious affair but it doesn’t have to be. Finding a high-quality tire shop Madison WI shop not only ensures that you get the best service, but also saves you time and money now and in the future. There are a number of characteristics or traits that are common with high-quality auto repair shops.

Exemplary customer service

High-quality repair shops prioritize on generating new business, growth and creating a strong referral base, and this is reflected in their level of customer service. Simply calling a repair shop can tell you a lot about its level of customer service. Consider if the phone is answered timely and by an actual person, whether your questions are answered satisfactorily and the general tone of the conversation. Genins Auto Care for example is known for its open, professional and respectful communication.

Personable and competent mechanics

A good tire shop Madison WI shop should hire certified and competent mechanics. In addition to this, some mechanics may need extra certification to work with specialized auto parts or specific types of vehicles. A mechanic who is able to prove that he is certified and experienced to work with your specific motor vehicle is definitely a plus. In addition to this, a personable mechanic helps put your mind at ease and make the repair process smoother on you. The mechanic should be able to clearly explain what is wrong with your vehicle and why certain parts need to be replaced or why a certain procedure or service is required. All this should be done in a manner that is easy to understand and without using industry jargon.

Genuine warranties and guarantees

Another hallmark of a high-quality auto repair shop is genuine warranties or guarantees for mileage and work done. This puts you at ease knowing that should anything happen in the course of a certain time frame, you can get your vehicle repaired at no extra cost to you. This becomes especially important with transmission repair or other major and expensive repairs. A shop that offers guarantees means that it is proud of its services, and stands behind its workmanship.

Belongs to a recognized association

Whether you are going in for brake service, or more serious problem, you can expect a superior service from an affiliated auto shop. These associations have stringent rules and codes of conduct which members are bound to. The services are also more professional that you would expect to find at an unaffiliated auto shop.

Choosing the right auto repair shop saves you a lot of time and money by getting the repairs or service done right the first time around. Take the time to consider your options and use the aforementioned criteria to help you find the best repair shop.

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Important Signs that You Should Take Your Vehicle to a Brake Repair Madison WI Shop

As a vehicle owner, you should know signs that should prompt you to visit a brake repair Madison WI shop. Brakes play a very important role in your vehicle. They slow down your vehicle or bring it to a halt when necessary. This ensures proper and safe driving and turning.

Without proper brakes repair and maintenance, you risk involving your vehicle in an accident or damaging it. This is why you should take your vehicle to a reputable vehicle repair shop to have brakes inspected and repaired if necessary. Perhaps, you are wondering when is the right time to have your brakes inspected and repaired. Maybe you want to know when is the right time to take your auto brakes for maintenance or servicing. Here are signs that you should take your auto brakes for repair or maintenance.


If your brakes produce a squealing sound, you should take your vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop to have them checked. This is a high-pitched sound that brakes emit when applied. It comes from the sensor that tells you that you need to service your brakes. Additionally, it is important that you listen for grinding noises that are usually harsh and indicating that brake pads have been worn out completely. It means that the calipers metal of the brakes is grinding against the rotors. In that case, do not delay because if the rotors are damaged, the expensive brake repair task will eventually become more expensive since you will have to replace rotors.

Stiff, mushy or overly touchy pedal

The brake pedal can also indicate the need for brakes repair. If the pedal feels soft or mushy when applied might be an indication of worn out pads. It can also signal a hydraulic braking unit problem. Therefore, take your vehicle for inspection if the pedal becomes stiff or mushy. A reliable auto shop like Genins AutoCare will have the problem diagnosed and fixed professionally. On the other hand, if the brake pedal is overly touchy such that it is too sensitive to a slight touch, the rotor might be unevenly worn out. It might also indicate that you need to change brake fluid.


Maybe you have driven a vehicle that appears to control itself. As you drive such a vehicle, you realize that it is always pulling in one direction. This can give you a feeling of constantly being involved in a war with the car. Although this indicates a problem with the braking system of the vehicle, it also indicates other things like poor alignment of the wheels, uneven filling of the tires or worn out tires. In that case, take your vehicle to a mechanic shop for repair.

Basically, these are the major signs that you need to take your vehicle for brake inspection and repair. Take your vehicle to reputable brake repair Madison WI shop to have the brake problem diagnosed and fixed professionally and timely.

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How Tire Shops Have Changed Over the Years

Tire shops have been in existence for many years offering various services to vehicle owners so that their cars are in good condition when on the road. However, over the years the way in which services are done has changed and the equipment used has also become way more advanced. It is now common to find tire shop Madison WI offering services that those working on tires in previous years, only dreamed about. Even so, the changes being seen differ from one shop to another but some seem to have been adopted by most tire shops.

Common changes in tire shop services

If you have been driving for a couple of years, you must have noticed changes at your local tire shop Madison WI. Some of the changes may be minimal but most times they are quite noticeable.

  • Use of technology based systems. In earlier times, tire shops used to record information manually and reach out to their customers through advertisements in the local paper or through the placing of calls to their homes. However, this has changed with most of them using computer based system to keep records on their customers and the services they offer. It is now possible to contact their customers through e-mail or display information of their services on their website making it much easier to build a customer base.
  • Increase in professional technicians. Finding technicians that are trained in the profession was quite rare in earlier years resulting in car owners traveling far to get specialized services which were quite costly. However, as many people take the profession seriously, it is common to find technicians that have been trained up to college level offering services such as transmission repair in tire shops. The services they offer are affordable and specialized for different types of vehicles.
  • Use of advanced equipment. Repair work at tire shops was done manually, meaning that a job that can currently be done in a few hours took over a day to complete. At present, the equipment used to do jobs such as auto air conditioning repair is much superior with majority of them being used to detect the problem without having to dismantle the system. In most cases, the diagnosis is usually correct making it easier to correct the problem and have the air conditioning working well again.

In general, changes in the running of tire shops is bound to continue to change over time making it important to take your vehicle to a shop that keeps up with the development.

Genins AutoCare is an auto repair shop in Madison that has always managed to keep up with the changes, thereby guaranteeing you quick and affordable services at all times.

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It’s Time to Get Your Car Ready for Summer Travel

It’s almost summer! The days are getting longer, the air is warmer, the sun is shining bright, and the landscape is lush and green. We don’t know about you but that makes us at Genin’s Auto Care want to get behind the wheel and go on a nice long road trip. But before a road trip begins, it’s important to get your car checked out to make sure everything is running properly. We’ve provided a check list to guarantee your car is ready for the open road.

  • Schedule a checkup with your local auto shop – Have them [or us if you’re in Madison, WI!] do a basic maintenance check. Things to be checked: Wipers and fluid levels, tire pressure, engine oil is just right, decide if a tune-up is needed, make sure all lights are working in the front and back of the vehicle, and check that the battery is in good condition, just to name a few.
  • Make sure your battery is good – We can check that in the overall checkup as well. You don’t want a dead car battery while you’re in the middle of nowhere or on the side of a busy highway.
  • Make sure your tires are in good condition – Tire pressure needs to be checked as well as the tread. If you don’t have a gauge handy, you can always use a quarter and stick it upside down in the tread. If the top of George Washington’s head is visible, you need new tires. We can hook you up!
  • Check those brake pads – This is vital to be checked in maintenance checkup to make sure they aren’t worn down or in need of replacing. If they need to be replaced, let your auto mechanic do it because replacing brake pads is a lot cheaper than not replacing them and dealing with more expensive repairs later – or even worse, the brakes giving out. Yes, this can and has happened.
  • Pack Wisely – Make sure you have a spare tire and the right tools to replace it as well as a First Aid Kit, cell phone charger, a map [in case something happens to your phone or GPS tracker], snacks for you and your traveling companions, and activities to keep the children entertained as well as sun shades to block the sun from your traveling companions!
  • Drive Safely – This is self-explanatory…and don’t text while driving! If you need to use your phone, use a hands-free head set.

Happy Traveling!

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Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

The minute you buy a car, the value of the vehicle drops dramatically. But if you take good care of your car and follow our recommendations, your car will last years longer and you will more than likely increase the resale value if and when you decide to sell it.

  • Routine Service and Maintenance – Drivers that have the most miles on their cars are usually the ones that take the best care of their cars and schedule routine checkups at their local auto shop. Routine maintenance and bringing your car in when you realize something isn’t working properly will ensure your car will be fixed effectively before the problem gets any worse or more expensive. When you wait too long to fix an issue with your car, it definitely will become more costly to correct and can cause a host of other car problems. Have your car’s oil changed on time and make sure to have your brake fluid checked as well. Rotating the car’s tires, replacing old tires, replacing the shocks, making sure your car’s air filter is clean…all of these things add up to keeping your car up and running. Make sure you trust your auto mechanic and that you build a good relationship with him or her. They will be advising you on maintenance for your vehicle so choose wisely.
  • Drive Wisely – Drive with care. Most wear and tear happen on a car within the first few minutes of driving so if you do a lot of quick errands, try running a bunch of errands in one trip to prevent more “damage” to your car’s engine. Don’t carry too heavy on or in your car. Too much weight can really do a number on your car. If you need to haul heavy stuff, borrow a friend’s truck or rent a moving truck for the day. It will save you a lot more money on repairs in the long run!
  • Get to Know Your Car – Keep a notebook in your car and log certain things like how long to wait before you get an oil change and make any notes if you notice anything funny happening to your car if you wait too long to get more oil added or lubrication to other areas of your vehicle. Note how much mileage you put on your car daily, weekly, monthly, even annually. Keep it clean – especially in the winter. If you live in a climate where salted roads are common in the winter, it’s important to get regular car washes. Doing so will prevent salt from eating away at your car. Check your tire pressure more often in the winter or if you live in areas like Colorado where your tires can deflate more quickly because of the air pressure. Keep the inside of your car clean as well to increase resale value and having any minor issues repaired as needed. If you wait and get a ton fixed at once, that’s when it can really add up. Madison Wisconsin’s Reliable Auto Repair Shop for your car or truck. Genins Auto Care.
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What to Look for When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop?

What to Look for When Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

There are many reasons drivers look for a new auto repair shop including relocating to a new residence, having a bad experience with a previous auto repair shop, or changing car brands, just to name a few. Many surveys have found that people like working with independent auto repair shops than with large dealerships and we at Genin’s Auto Care in Madison, Wisconsin like to think it’s not only because the prices are better and more fair, but also because of the personal relationships and trust that are formed within the auto repair business. You MUST trust your auto mechanic. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.
Whether you live here in Madison or Middleton or elsewhere, here are some helpful tips on how to find a great auto repair shop in your area:

Ask your family and friends who they use for their car repairs. Word of mouth is the best way to find a great auto repair shop and who will you trust more than your loved ones?

The Internet
If you don’t have reliable referrals from family or friends, the internet is a great place to find an auto repair shop that best suits your needs. Online is the new “word of mouth” and sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google+ offer honest reviews from people who’ve directly worked with the business they’re referring – or not referring.

Look for an Auto Repair Shop that Works with Your Brand
Some auto repair shops specialize in working with certain brands of cars. When shopping around, inquire what brands an auto shop specializes in, if any.

Compare Prices
Though you may save a few dollars with one auto repair shop than another, you don’t want to solely make your decision on a new mechanic because of money. Some shops may charge less but not offer great quality work while other shops may be a bit more expensive but worth every extra dollar. Compare prices and search the internet looking for reviews and what people are talking about in regards to the work done on their vehicles. You may find that a pricier shop offers impeccable work, which will save you money over time because your car will be repaired correctly the first time.

Don’t forget to inquire about any possible warranties on repairs you need done and make sure the auto repair shop is close enough to where you live so you don’t have to travel too far to have your car serviced.

If you’re in the Middleton or Madison area of Wisconsin, we hope you give us at Genin’s Auto Care a try! We serve our customers for life and are grateful for the wonderful referrals we receive because of our fair prices and great quality work. We look forward to working with you!

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How Regular Auto Repair and Maintenance Could Save Your Life

auto repair and maintenanceFor anyone who doesn’t live in the heart of a major metropolitan area with reliable public transportation, it’s essentially impossible to function in the modern world without some form of vehicle. Because of this, it’s very important to keep up with regular auto repair and maintenance to ensure that you are able to travel where you need to, when you need to, as well as to keep you safe from accidents.

While some unfortunate car accidents are a result of freak circumstances or reckless driving, many can be attested to mechanical problems that could have been avoided if taken to auto repair shops. Every year the bill for accidents resulting from unperformed auto repair and maintenance adds up to approximately $2 billion. The expenses that people may be trying to avoid by not performing regular maintenance could end up as substantially higher auto repair costs when the vehicle fails.

Some car components that could need repairs are more apparent than others, such as flat tires or a loud, rattling muffler. However, some important aspects aren’t as openly accessible and can be easy to over look if not frequently checked. Motor oil, for instance, is an infamous element to keep track of but one that many people forget to do until their engine has already over heated. It’s suggested that car owners change their oil every 5,000 miles or at least every four months, unless the vehicle’s manufacturer provides specific recommendations.

As a precautionary measure, most automobile manufacturers have begun providing LED lights on dashboards which turn on if a designated problem arises such as low oil, low tire pressure, and an overall check engine light for less specific issues. Unfortunately, when one of these lights go on it is easy for individuals to make a mental note to take care of it eventually, but once out of the vehicle it completely passes through their thoughts. An estimated 10% of drivers have a check engine light on at any given time. What makes this such a problem is that 50% of all drivers ignore these lights for more than three months.

The hectic lifestyles we all live make it easy to ignore small problems with vehicles that seem insignificant until they manifest into serious accidents or expenditures. Making a point to conduct regular auto repair and maintenance from local auto services can keep you safe as well as save you from expensive overhauls in the future.

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3 Shocking Facts About Auto Repair That You Probably Don’t Know, But Should

auto repair serviceYour car is one of the most valuable investments in your life, and you should stop at nothing to make it as safe and efficient as possible. A great auto repair service knows how important proper vehicle maintenance is, and you should find the best auto care shop possible to maximize your car’s lifespan.

Unfortunately, many car owners are unaware of just how much of an impact proper auto repair service can have on both their health and finances. Ignoring auto maintenance and repair will drastically decrease its value and leave you stuck with a useless clunker. To avoid this harrowing fate, make sure you keep these three surprising facts in mind while driving:

There’s a 10% chance your check engine light is on right now
A shocking one out of every 10 drivers ignore their check engine light when it comes on. Even more disturbing, about half of those drivers avoid having their vehicle checked for more than three months. Your eventual auto repair costs will skyrocket if you exacerbate the problem by ignoring it. Just because you don’t hear or feel a difference in the way your vehicle performs, doesn’t mean there isn’t something wrong.

Mechanical failures cause about 13% of all accidents
By failing to seek auto repair services shortly after a problem arises, you’re risking a lot more than a higher bill at the mechanic. If your engine is having problems, it can stop working at any time, leaving you at risk of losing control of your vehicle. By putting off getting your car serviced, you’re simply delaying the inevitable and causing more problems for you and your vehicle.

Your missing gas cap is costing you a lot more than you think
While spending more money on gas is a lot less frightening than engine failure, it’s still an important benefit of auto repair service. Loose, missing, or damaged gas caps cause 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate every year. These inexpensive fixes are costing you more in lost gas than they would to get repaired. A missing or broken gas cap is another example of a simple issue that can be made much worse by ignoring the problem.

Make sure you find an experienced auto repair shop that can meet all of your vehicle’s needs and will take a personal interest in helping you stay safe and save money. It could end up being the most important investment you ever make.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Panic When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

auto maintenance serviceIt’s every car owner’s worst nightmare: the dreaded check engine light.

On average, 10% of drivers will drive with their check engine lights on at any given time — and 50% of these drivers will ignore their check engine lights for more than three months. You definitely don’t want to ignore your check engine light for that long, it might not be the emergency crisis that other people have told you it is.

If your check engine light does come on, it’s usually no reason to panic. Chances are, it’s not the emergency you think it is, and an auto maintenance service will be able to fix the problem. Here are the three biggest reasons why it’s not worth it to panic when you notice your check engine light has turned on:

It may just be your gas cap
If your gas cap is loose, missing or damaged, gasoline may be evaporating from your gas tank — which will trigger your check engine light. It’s estimated that faulty gas caps cause a shocking 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate from gas tanks each year, meaning it’s a good idea to get your gas cap repaired sooner rather than later. Best of all? Fixing a loose or damaged gas cap is fairly inexpensive.

Auto repair shops can diagnose the problem
Check engine lights are one of the most common car problems we experience. As a result, any certified auto maintenance service technician will be able to easily determine the cause of your check engine light and offer a simple, inexpensive fix. It’s no surprise that the U.S. auto repair industry generates $58 billion in annual revenues, given this.

Check engine lights aren’t usually an emergency
Compared to other dashboard lights like your oil light — which indicates you need a repair immediately — the check engine light shouldn’t be thought of as an emergency. Chances are, you can drive for a few more miles, or even a few more days, with your check engine light on. However, don’t ignore the light completely. You should always see a certified mechanic if your check engine light appears.

Have any other questions about local auto repair services? Ask us anything by simply leaving a comment below.

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